Theatrical Supplies and Accessories

Fixture Accessories: Bulbs all types and sizes, C-clamps, safety cables, gels, gel frames, gobos (standard and custom made), gobo holders, drop in iris, donut, gel extender, top hat, half hat.

Theatrical Fluids: All brands and types of fog and haze fluids (oil and water base), bubble fluid and much more.

Theatrical Tapes: Cable path (black and black and yellow combined), gaffers (assorted colors), cloth-spike tape, console tape, glow tape (assorted colors). 

Scenic Supplies: Paints all colors and brands available, hinges, screws, nails, hardware, wheels and casters and much more. 

Acoustic Treatments and Materials: Acoustic panels, diffusers, studio wedge foam, studio foam pyramids, bass traps, acoustic baffles and drum shields, acoustical sealant, fiber sound insulation isolation risers and much more.

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