Audio Equipment

Sound consoles: Analog and digital consoles, general mixers and audio consoles. 
Speakers: self-powered, general speakers, monitors, subwoofers, line-array. 

Microphones: Wired, wireless, handheld, lavaliere, head worn, dynamic, general instrument, hanging microphones, floor microphones shotgun, and general condenser microphones.

Amplifiers: Microphone preamps, voice processors, power amplifiers, distribution amps, and line amps.

Processors: Speaker process controllers, effects, reverbs, delays, crossovers, equalizers and filters, compressors and dynamic processors.

CD Players/Recorders: CD and DVD recorders, CD and MP3 players and digital music controllers, cassette recorders, digital audio recorders, CD and DVD duplicators.

Digital Audio Hardware: Pro tools HD DAW, digital audio converters, pro tools LE/M powered systems.

Software: Audio production and notation software, mastering and CD, DVD analog software, audio effects and processing plug-ins, sampling software, video and photo production software, virtual instrument software, DJ software.

Headphones: In ear monitors, wireless in ear systems, headphone amps and mixers, intercoms wired, wireless and two way radios.

Stands and Accessories: Microphone stands, boom arms, speaker stands and mounts, microphone stand accessories and windscreens.

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